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Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #9: Outsourcing is a Political Decision, Bound to Create Controversy that We Don’t Need

There is some truth in this statement. Most outsourcing contracts tend to be assigned to the vendor of the platform that is being outsourced, raising potential concerns about bid competitiveness. Even in cases where there are few qualified bidders for outsourcing work, creating a formal requirements definition to guide the outsourcing arrangement – with work reviewed each step of the way by a team representing key business stakeholders, audit, and tech-savvy IT staff or advisors, will help take the politics out of the choice.

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #8: We Have Never Outsourced Any Important Function of IT, So We Really Have No Idea About What We Can Expect

The unfamiliar always has a frightening dimension.  But the truth is that virtually every business has outsourced important aspects of its IT operations since the dawn of contemporary computing. Consider that Wide Area Networks and voice communications networks, and the Internet itself, are all components of modern IT.  Neither the maintenance nor the operation of […]

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #6: Outsourcing will Not Improve our Service Levels Beyond What We Could Achieve Ourselves

Another common fear that planners admit to having about mainframe outsourcing is that the arrangement may be based on unrealistic service level expectations.  In fact, service levels are metrics keyed to a complex set of factors.  When personnel, applications and infrastructure are all inside the business, the availability, accuracy and throughput of systems may seem […]

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #5: Outsourcing Results in a Loss of Control over My Data and Applications

Most mainframe outsourcing arrangements do result in the transition of IT hardware from the client facility to the vendor facility.  All too often, this engenders an all-to-common fear that outsourcing equals a loss of control. This concern, however, is not supported by the facts.  In many outsourcing arrangements, your infrastructure will be hosted in a […]

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #4: Cost-Savings from Outsourcing are Short-Lived or Never Realized

In addition to misconceptions, some executives express fears about the outcome of mainframe outsourcing that can delay decisions.  The number one fear is that expected cost-savings will not materialize. Some businesses report that outsourcing enabled them to realize only short-lived cost-savings from the arrangement – usually in the form of OPEX reductions – that disappeared […]

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #3: The Transition is Risky and My Business Can’t Afford the Downtime

Misperception #3 is that implementing the mainframe outsourcing arrangement entails a protracted period of downtime: an understandable concern.  In these days of doing more with less, it is usually the case that businesses are more dependent than ever before on the continuous operation of their information systems.  An interruption of any length is a possibility […]

Mainframe Outsourcing Misconception #2: My Staff Doesn’t Have the Time, Objectivity or Skills to Plan and Implement the Outsourcing Decision

Another popular misconception about outsourcing, this one often has some basis in fact.  These days, staffing in IT departments, especially in mainframe and midrange systems, is very lean.  Technical staffers are often carrying the workload that was once supported by a greater number of personnel and, as a result, lack the time to do the […]