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The Importance of Mainframe Optimization

One of the best things that you can do before outsourcing your mainframe is to have your mainframe optimized. You want to make sure that your mainframe is efficient and has the smallest “foot print” possible. You should do this because most vendors charge by the MIP or MSU. Optimizing your mainframe will lower your […]

Developing A Plan To Deal With The Mainframe Skills Shortages

Everyone in the mainframe world knows that mainframe skills shortages are a real and looming problem. How to address this issue should be on the forefront of management’s minds. In a recent article, Dave Hilbe from BMC discusses some strategies to help develop mainframe talent in-house and groom the next generation of mainframe experts. He […]

10 Year Multi-Billion Dollar Mainframe and Infrastructure Outsourcing Agreement

IBM and ABN AMRO announced a ten year outsourcing deal. According to ZDNet, IBM will manage ABN AMRO’s global IT infrastructure. This includes their mainframe, servers, help desk, application support and mobile infrastructure.  The engagements is aimed at reducing ABN ARMO’s infrastructure costs and to improve operational efficiency. If you are thinking about outsourcing your […]

Web And Mobile Application Utilization Increasing On The Mainframe

Macro 4 recently released a survey in which 72% of mainframe users indicated that their mainframe environments now support mobile and web applications. The poll also indicated that this usage will increase an additional 8% in the next few years. About half of the new usage comes from existing mainframe applications that have been web […]

3 Compliance Strategies For Your Mainframe Applications

In a recent news release, Andrew Wickett from Micro Focus discusses the challenges of mainframe compliance and offers some advice on ways to reduce compliance costs. He notes that, compliance requirements depend on a company’s business and industry but are becoming an ever increasing issue to IT executives. Compliance with: data privacy regulations, SEC regulations […]

Avis Is Moving To Linux On The Mainframe

A recent WSJ article reveals that Avis Budget Group has decided to move to Linux on their mainframe environment. Avis is hoping to achieve lower software costs and gain additional flexibility by moving from their z/OS operating system to their mainframe’s Linux environment. CIO Gerard Insall, indicated that this planned migration has been driven by […]

Mainframe Storage Moving Into The Cloud

CA Technologies recently announced that it will be partnering with Microsoft to offer a cloud data storage solution for System z mainframes. The new service is the first of what CA said will be a line of cloud software for mainframe environments. The new service is focused on providing cloud based storage for mainframe environments. […]

New White Paper By Compuware Discusses Mainframe Skills Shortages

One of the biggest challenges facing CIOs with mainframe environments is that of retaining the skill set necessary to maintain legacy systems. The current mainframe workforce is comprised of baby boomers that are between the ages of 50 and 68. According to Compuware, 71% of CIOs are concerned with looming shortfall in skilled mainframe knowledge […]

Mainframe Study Shows That Application Cost Reduction Is A Major Initiative

70% of mainframe executive’s site cost reduction in mainframe software as one of their top priorities, according to BMC’s annual mainframe survey. 39% of the responders cited software costs continue to be the largest part of many organization’s IT budget. IT executives are hoping to reduce these costs by managing application use in the following […]

Mainframe Application Outsourcing Trends

It looks like the outsourcing of mainframe application development and testing are on the rise. According to research done by Micro Focus, 62% of US based CIOs are choosing to outsource the testing and development of mainframe applications. New compliance measures such as ISO27002, Basel III, FACTA and SEPA are causing this greater interest in […]